As much as I love what I’m doing, I’ve only really begun digital works recently, having always had  a passion for creation, I’ve been involved previously in community groups for costume and prop design and construction, even leading a workshop myself to get others fired up creatively. I have done the odd drawing or two but prefer to surround myself with props, books and poster art from games I love. Following a personal injury, carving together props and costumes was no longer an avenue of expression open to me and after wandering a while without a plan , I’ve discovered renewed passion and focus, jumping in to study animation at SAE Qantm in Perth.

Previously a nurse for a little over three years, I’ve come to deal with all manner of people and cultures and always enjoyed talking to people about their lives. Unfortunately as my injury forced me to give up on my massive costume creation, so to did I have to leave nursing.

With my old career no longer an option, I intend to make 2D and 3D animation not just a new way to create for myself as a hobby, but also as a career path that currently leads into the unknown. I’ve jumped into a lot of unfamiliar environments to work in the past and I’ve been geographically isolated from the friends and family I know and love before and know when I go hunting for that work, wherever it may be I can undertake the journey and still receive their support.

I’m aiming for work where I can help bring other people’s visions to life, to dazzle and amaze. Although I intend to animate for myself, I don’t think I’m at a point yet where it’s something to rely on but I intend to keep creating anyway to have that skill base to build upon. I work hard and play hard and used to try and keep the two very separate but now I find that to not be possible where I enjoy sitting down at home and getting through course material.

I’ve recently found myself noticing the small details artists put into their productions when playing games or watching movies now more than I had before and marvel at how so much thought can be put in to such little things. I’m finding new inspiration almost daily from indie games to AAA releases. I hope one day I can inspire someone enough to start making their own project.

In my down time when I’m not thinking about UV maps or animation timings, I enjoy staring at the roof listening to music, walking around town listening to good music or gaming online with a few good friends while my cat swats at the cords of my PC, adding an extra layer of risk to any game… while listening to music.

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