Binding of Isaac: Stream Background

I’ve had the models and animations for this around for some time and decided to actually turn it into something initially a 10 second concept. This was a mock-up for something to have as a background for streamers of The Binding Of Isaac when going AFK. With space around the edges, there’s room for the streamer’s banners/chat on screen and something lurking in the darkness every now and again helps keep the stream mildly interesting for extended periods.

A few things I dislike here are the light shaft (which is a static image at the moment), a lack of dust effects (I have other things to do today other than render) and too few enemies in the dark (I’d make more if there’s any interest for me to do so).

Audi would also be something to add if it’s wanted but for a streamer that might have their own music playing, it’s not really an issue for me on this project.


I love the Binding of Isaac and enjoyed putting this together and I’ll probably model a few things in the future from the game as well. Creepy as heck 🙂

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